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Chellis Baird, Flirt, 2022; at Zero Bond

See. Scan. Collect.

An experience to discover artists beyond gallery walls and connect people with art in spaces they already encounter.

Miami Art Week '22

KAYAK x Turo

The esoteric and largely unwritten rules of the art world have historically left women and minorities — both as artists and as collectors — out of the market. A forward thinking platform like Apostrophe is the solution to many of these problems, and I am delighted to recommend it to my artist and advisory clients alike.
- Hall Rockefeller, Art Critic, Advisor & Founder of LessThanHalf.org
An artists number one job is to create and do what is best for the work. It is challenging to juggle all the hats an artist must wear to maintain consistent sales. This includes marketing, client relations, creation, sales, and exhibitions. A digital presence is vital and necessary for maintaining all of these things.
- Chellis Baird, Artist in NYC
Apostrophe helped me curate a gallery wall of prints and two original pieces by local artists for my new townhome. The art looks great and it was super easy and stress-free experience!
Chelsea S., Collector in NYC